A Written Review of 3 Top Selling Hearing Aid Brands

We have incorporated the points of interest of the biggest hearing device manufacturer’s brands that are popular over the world. These brands would be available privately or maybe through the public health system. This is presumably a standout amongst the most exciting times in hearing device that I can recollect. New developments in the hearing aids are coming thick and quick from the makers.

Some of the famous brands of hearing aids are Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Signia, Starkey, Unitron, Widex.




Oticon was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant. Oticon is responsible for various “firsts” and new models in the hearing device industry. The industry was behind Digifocus, the world’s first advanced hearing instrument and Agil, the world’s first cognitive friendly hearing devices. In 2014, Oticon released the Steamer Pro, which empowers Oticon wireless hearing device users to connect with iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads.


Oticon is well-known for their BrainHearing Technology. Their most up to date hearing aid is the effective OPN listening device, an open-hearing sound based on the super-quick Velox Processing Platform. With a 64-band recurrence resolution, Velox is exact accumulation of algorithms that helps the cerebrum in the listening procedure. Oticon hearing aids furnish wearers with an enhanced, common listening experience. OPN “opens” up the extent of your listening knowledge, catching the majority of the complex hints of your environment and enabling your mind to center around what it needs to tune in to. With the understanding that hearing loss hinders the mind’s capacity to process sounds, Velox’s speed gives clear stable and centered speech.



  • Starkey


Starkey hearing technologies was founded by William Austin in 1967.Starkey Hearing Technologies is known to over the globe as the pioneer in creating, producing and delivering advance hearing devices. The company made the business first in-canal hearing device and first custom, advanced and completely programmable undetectable portable hearing device. Starkey additionally was the first to utilize nanotechnology in hearing aids, influencing listening devices to waterproof and to start handling the greatest test wearers have verifiably confronted – hearing in noise.


Starkey’s brands incorporate Audibel, MicroTech, and NuEar. Lately, the organization has released Halo, a made for iPhone listening device and Xino Tinnitus to give relief to individuals experiencing ringing in their ears. The most Popular Starkey Hearing Device is Halo2.



  • Phonak


Phonak was founded in 1947.The Parent organization Sonova owns the Lyric, Phonak and Unitron hearing devices. Sonova is a Swiss organization with three main brands, including Phonak, which is known as the pioneer in pediatric hearing solutions; Unitron, which shares some of Phonak’s innovation and Lyric Hearing, the hearing business’ just totally undetectable, support free, water-safe, extended wear hearing device.

Phonak offers the advanced hearing device, for example, the Audio B-R, powered by the Belong Platform and new lithium-particle battery innovation. With a short charge of only three hours, Audio B-R gives 24 hours of continuous tuning in.

Phonak’s Naida V hearing device is intended for individuals with higher degrees of hearing loss. To address pediatric hearing loss, Phonak offers Sky V, an adaptable line of hearing solutions for children.

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